Sunday, January 18, 2004

SMQ for January 18th, 2004

Since the Iowa caucuses are near, all the shows were dedicated to this one story with minor exception. Since it was most of the same people saying most of the same shit they said last week, I will touch even more briefly than usual on each although I did manage to watch more shows total this week.
Face the Nation: John Edwards was guest. Listed at the top of one pole, John Edwards was eager to encourage the notion that he has the big MO that all candidates hope for on caucus day. He attributed his success to the positive nature of his campaign. The only reason he has been able to avoid being the subject of and having to react to negative ads is because he had not been a contender until the last 72 hours. He has always been the most logical choice for ringleader since this circus raised its tent.

Meet the Press: Mr. Milktoast is back! Dick Gephardt floundered even under the kindest examination of his candidacy that I have ever seen Mr. Russert afford anyone. The Economist, among others says this is Gephardt’s swan song. I concur. Tim wasted several minutes what if’ing scenarios of what Bush* would do to him in the general election which I considered mute since he’ll never get the chance. In the roundtable portion of the show all the six and seven figure pundants agreed that none of them knew what he hell was going to happen in Iowa Monday.

This Week: Manchild’s show was bumped in favor of an NBA game in my area. Yee HAA!
ABC regularly lets this show get bumped off schedule or bumped entirely on a regular basis. Could it be that they know what a turkey it has become? Will they surrender soon to the inevitable cancellation of what was once a highly regarded news show? Will the guy who made the decision to turn This Week over to such a twit be fired? One can only hope. The Rumsfeld “Book” edit from The Late Late Show was hilarious.

McLaughlin Group: Most participants felt Clark has the advantage in NewHampshire and Edwards in Iowa. At one point John asked Mort Zuckerman for profound thinking. OOPS! Mort said that Dean wanted to excite the left and hope the center joined. DUH. Then he said Dean had scared the center. It’s the media that’s scaring the center, not Dean’s positions on the issues. (See Grand Delusion reference in Dean’s not a Radical Liberal @
Second topic was Ron Suskind’s book with Paul O’Neill. Derogatory and likely accurate comments in the book attributed to O’Neill were very damaging to the illusion of competency the White House must maintain regarding the President*. Pussy O’Neill, as his friends no doubt now call him, backed away from the book after what were surely just short of death threats from the White House. Ted Kennedy followed the next day with the most concise, well laid out, sequentially time lined, moving, and documented presentation of the President’s* lies and deception in a speech everyone should find and read.

Real Time: Ron Silver is such a moron. Al Sharpton is so funny. Bill Maher is becoming so full of himself. Darrel Issa is smarter than your average Republican.

The Beltway Boys: More “Fair and Balanced” (I’m gagging now) tripe from Mr. Right and Mr. Ultraright. Anyone notice that Fox has quit saying nice things about Dean? You know those spooky little moments lately when Fox seemed to actually be treating Dean fairly? Now they trash Dean with the best of the Democratic “not Deans”. I guess they figured out Dean can beat Bush in the general election after all. They were pretty hard on Clark too. They must think he too is a threat.

OK You heard it here first. Dean will win Iowa because of organization and Edwards will finish second on the crest of his current popularity wave. Clark will annoy them both in New Hampshire. Edwards kicks Dean’s ass in the South and goes on to the nomination.


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America
Long Live President Hastert!
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Sunday, January 11, 2004

SMQ for Jan. 11, 2004

Face the Nation. After being asked, “If you lose in Iowa, can anyone stop Howard Dean?” Richard Gephardt, Mr. Milktoast, in the mandatory state of denial required of a candidate running a poor second continued to bore us with bread and butter issues served on a cold plate of beltway rhetoric. Guys like He, Lieberman and Kerry go over about as well as wet blankets at a wet t-shirt contest in the rest of the country. Sharpton, Braun and Kucinich give more like a turd in the punchbowl feel. Edwards, Dean and Clark now look to be the only candidates that have a realistic chance at both the Democratic nomination and eventual election to the Presidency. “Steady, experienced, confident, best ideas, best chance, and no mistaken statements” were all buzzwords thrown out by the candidate. Mistaken statements and occasional gaffs will not be a worry for Dean in the general election. He’ll be up against the King of mistaken statements, the creator of completely new words, George Nuculer Strategery Bush*. Then Gephardt faced the inevitable question all the candidates who voted for the war, face. “If you knew then what you know now, would you have voted differently?” In the same painful contortions as his pro war cohorts in congress he writhed, obfuscated, hypothesized, reiterated, called for a commission, and basically exhibited all the normal expected beltway excuses for having been duped and unwilling to admit it.
In his final comments, Bob (our host) tried to attach some deeper meaning to the popularity of Paris Hilton in the face of such wrenching political turmoil and national apprehension over terrorism. Sorry Bob, Paris Hilton is popular because she’s rich, beautiful, young, and acts like she’ll fuck anything that moves. That’s it. Period.

Meet the Press. John Kerry also is still trying to weasel out of his endorsement of Bush’s* call to war. He didn’t pull it off. Rhetorical contortions he must have borrowed from Gephardt’s playbook followed. He did break out a new “broken promises” tactic that attacks the qualifiers that Bush* espoused before the war started. Broken promises to go to the UN, pursue a legitimate inspection process, and go to war as only a last resort that resonated with me and might serve him well in the general election if he ever gets there. He said they just had a rally of with 1000 supporters showing up and compared that to the 200 in attendance at Gore’s endorsement of Dean. I guess he didn’t notice the satellite trucks that were outside Dean’s rally and not his that broadcast the Gore endorsement to millions. Kerry sounds as good as he did in the seventies when he was still a radical but his message is clouded by DC whitewash and doublespeak about his position on Iraq.
It is apparent that actually saying “Dean will be eviscerated by Bush* in the general election” on TV is still taboo among the candidates as neither Kerry, Lieberman nor Gephardt could be suckered onto it by the hosts this morning. Is this McCaluffe’s rule?
In the roundtable section the power of the internet in politics was mulled over with the conclusion being they have no idea what it is. The power of it now is to organize and motivate the politically active. If you think the internet is immune from the political ad, go back to Kansas Dorothy. Political banners are already in the works at Bush* campaign headquarters and god forbid the campaign managers figure out that the recent Anti-Spam Bill does not prevent them from sending out mass mailings for the candidates. Wes Clark plans to respond to the State of the Union message in real time at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Brilliant.

This Week. The manchild is back, but this week This Week actually had some valuable content so I forced myself to watch.
John Edwards was the first interview and came off as the competent interesting newcomer that he is. Fresh rhetoric, strait talk and a sense of humor were all traits he easily and comfortably showed that the other tired beltway candidates cannot muster. He probably is the most electable candidate the Democrats have.
Next, John Kerry got his second at bat for this Sunday. Strike Two! Nothing new that he didn’t say on Meet the Press was said.(did you understand that? I’m not sure I did.).
Third, Richard Gephardt. Rhetoric deja-vu. I’ve heard of staying on message but this was ridiculous. Mr. Buzzword was buzzing the same boring beltway tune.
Lastly, Howard Dean used the tried and true “If I had known then what I know now” to admit he was wrong and that the can learn. Damn, he’s human! This admirable trait is refreshing and the main reason Dean’s occasional gaffs don’t hurt him. He pointed out the fallacy of the Bush* tax cut in terms anyone can understand. I can only hope he brings this clarity of message to the general election. He compared himself to Kucinich in his opposition to the war. Way to bag the radical left vote Howard. Just don’t use his name after February, for anything.
With Paul O’Neil spilling the Bush*beans all over the pages of Suskind’s new book Treasury Secretary John Snow was trotted out to buffer the criticisms of the Presidents* comprehension of cabinet meetings. The Washington Post is raving about the current economy this week and its similarity to the economy Ronald Regan had when he was re-elected. You know, the one that lasted long enough to get him re-elected and then threw the country into the darkest economic time since 1929. Mr. Snow was hard pressed to come up with excuses as to why jobs have not materialized as Republicans had hoped when they decided to throw the country this economic black hole. Manchild and Will both did their best to pin him down on debt, jobs and spending cuts. His protestations that jobs will come, that we really do care about the debt despite what Cheney** says, and that we can send a man to Mars wile cutting spending were appropriately and repeatedly ridiculed by the hosts.
Manchild presented two Harkin introductions of Dean on videotape, one from 4 years ago and one from last week. Both were warm, positive introductions yet Manchild seemed to see a difference. As I have said before, Manchild (George Suffalufagus) isn’t qualified to anchor my boat let alone a network television news show. WAKE UP ABC! At least you didn’t have him do that imaginary tapping on the touch screens.

McLaughlin Group. Issue 1: Dean the Inevitable. John worries that the alleged rift between Dean and the beltway insiders will last through the election causing some Democrats to vote Green. JOHN! Nader’s not running. That Republican insurance policy has expired. Buchanan is right. If the establishment is turning on X, put your money on X. X=Dean. He says Dean’s statement about us not being safer since Sadam’s capture is costing him. If you face the reality that Sadam had no weapons of mass destruction nor any intent to even disseminate information about such weapons, then Dean is right when he says Iraq was a distraction and has wasted money time and lives that could have captured a real terrorist like Osama. America likes the truth. That’s why Dean is gaining popularity for this supposed gaff. That’s why Democratic insiders are coming out of the woodwork for Dean.
Issue 2: Immigration. Bush’s* election ploy to gain the votes in competitive states with large Hispanic populations was seen through by all commentators. All agreed that this proposal is a still birth. Another thing that George* doesn’t know is that illegal aliens don’t vote and legal ones support immigration reform that STOPS illegal immigration. OOPS!
Issue 3: Mars Attack. Another still birth Bush* election year feaux pander. Where is he going to get a trillion dollars? I’m sure his rich friends are expecting another 300 million dollar tax gift soon. He’s proposing it for the same reason as the immigration reform. He thinks it benefits him and he’ll never have to pay for it. Kinda like the tax cut.
Issue 4: Crocodile toddler. Sorry Steve. I like you, but that was STUPID!

*G.W. Bush is not a legitimjate President of the United States of America.
Lon Live President Hastert!
**Dick Cheney is not a legitimate Vice President of the United States of America.

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Thursday, January 08, 2004

SMQ for Jan. 04, 2004

I watched all offerings but have not had time to write. However I can say that based on this weeks McGluaghlin Group, Lawrence O'Donnel still hates Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Please see my newest offering on the Dean campaign at You can find the JBLunt link on this page.

John Blunt

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

SMQ for Dec. 28, 2003

McLaughlin Group
Year end analysis was the order of the day. The French got two votes for turncoat of the year.
Grey Davis got two for most boring. Ahhnold got two for most charismatic. Hey, did anyone notice Lawrence hates Ahhnold? Eleanor and John both join the growing number of prominent journalists who point out that Howard Dean is NOT a liberal. He and Martha Stewart tied at two votes for bummest rap. They are of course correct about Howard and dead wrong about Martha. I say bullshit, she’s guilty. And the last noteworthy observation garnered three votes for most stagnant thinking awarded to Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat. Here, Here. I think all of them identified G.H.W. Bush* as person of the year. GAG ME.

Capital Gang
Margaret Carlson posted an article in GQ magazine this week where she profiled 20 Washington insiders whose power exceeds their notoriety. Robert Novak, when asked to comment on his compatriot’s effort said “There were two very negative consequences.” He then identified the second consequence with this quote, “These people are supposed to be anonymous, not supposed to get in the public so it’s probably a disservice that you wrote it.” EXCUSE ME! Robert f___ing Novak has the balls (stupidity?) to call someone, ANYONE on the carpet for outing a government employee whose anonymity is critical to their ability to do their job? Like maybe a CIA agent? I can’t believe Mark Shields let him get away with it! Mark Russell (consummate political satirist) did not miss the setup. “I am not nor have I ever been Robert Novak’s source!” he testified.

Face the Nation
Bob, David Brooks, Karen Tumulty and Dan Balz mulled over Bush’s* chance for re-election and Dean’s path to the front of the Democratic hopefuls. Among the reasons advanced for Dean were the sense of community that results from Dean’s internet based campaign; his fiery delivery and sense of straight unapologetic liberal politics; his bringing of new voters to the Democratic Party. The real reason is his unintentional duping of the radical left into thinking he’s the new savior of the Democratic Party. In fact he is conservative right down the line. But his stance against the war in political synchronicity with Bush’s* getting busted for no WMD has caused a grand delusion of a liberal Dean across the country. Conservatives under the spell of the grand delusion relish Dean as an opponent in the general election. Be careful what you ask for! If the country ever figures out that Dean is actually conservative, swing voters will tip to Dean favoring the fresh conservative candidate over the conservative candidate stained by the war in Iraq.

Meet the Press
Sorry, I just can’t watch a Bush** for that long no matter how much I wanted to hear what Caroline Kennedy had to say.

This Week
The manchild is gone this week! A competent seasoned journalist appears to be hosting! I will watch.
Terry Moran interviewed Robert Reich and Larry Lindsey. The former Bush* administration Director of the National Economic Council continued (because that’s all he needs to do to get through the next election) to tout the tax cut and ignore the raping of our children’s wallets. The former Clinton (largest economic expansion in history and a budget surplus) administration Labor Secretary pointed out both the logarithmically expanding deficit and the stark joblessness of the current buy now, pay later recovery. The producer of the show needs to get off trying to convince us that something actually happens when the host pounds on that touch screen. The Directors union would be having fit if that shit was real. Ms. Kornblut looked as mousey and androgynous as any human I have ever seen.
Then Newt Gingrich came on. I got sick and had to leave the room. Missed the rest of the show.

Tim Russert
Tim interviews James Carville about his new book, Had Enough? I must have this book.
Railing against virtually every aspect of current administration policy like arrogant foreign diplomacy; preemptive unilateral military action (a policy we got wrong the first time we applied it); rob junior to pay me economics; the assault on the environment;

Carville’s book has some rules. They were discussed.
#1 Stop apologizing for everything. Tim tried to shoot down Carville’s assertion that Democrats won two world wars, defeated a depression, eliminated elderly poverty by saying there were Republicans involved in all those solutions to which Carville retorted that with that logic Bush* could not take credit for capturing Saddam because there may have been Democrats on the patrol. Parties of the Presidents in power at the time of significant historical events always get the blame or credit for whatever happens. Come on Tim, that was weak.
#2 Don’t concede points of argument.
#3 Be Big. Have big ideas. Best advice Democrats have gotten in years. Stop giving so much weight to special interest groups.
#4 Be positive. Reject the angry radical left (my interpretation).
#5 Use their weapons (issues) against them. Expose flaws in legislation they passed.
#6 Expose Republican duplicity on issues of patriotism.
#7 & #8 Never just oppose, propose and don’t let the little guy get in the way.
#9 Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to fight period. Have some balls. Don’t back down. Fight and lose a battle if it gets you to a better fight.
#10 Stop brownnosing the elites. Must be a rule for those further up the political ladder than I.

Russert and Carville. Two men I could not admire more. My day is complete.

*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
Long Live President Hastert!
**Laura Bush is not a legitimate First Lady of the United States of America.
Long Live First Lady Hastert!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Bush Shoots Baker in the Back, Saddam Takes the Bullet

All the Sunday morning news show's formats were blown off the schedule by the capture of Saddam Hussein. A newsworthy occurence to be sure, it pales in comparison to the effect it will have on James Baker's trip to Europe

A couple of weeks ago James Baker, formerly of the George W. Bush administration, was tapped by our current President* to go to the members of the world community who were unsupportive of the Iraq war and beg for more cash and debt relief for the war effort. Last week the President* shot Baker in the back and seemingly crippled his mission with the decision to exclude the aforementioned countries from contracts to rebuild Iraq. International reaction to this decision was unanimous in both outrage and disbelief. The fact that we arrogant Americans would turn away allies after being wrong about the need to go in, getting bogged down in a guerilla war, and having to send our country into debt that will burden our grandchildren, that we would turn down forgiveness and help from our friends after being so wrong in so many ways, stupefies them. The likelihood of Baker having any success in his endeavor in the shadow of the contracts decision was nil.

Enter Saddam Hussein. Pulled from a hole in Adwar Iraq Saturday, looking more like a homeless person than a dictator, he took that bullet for James Baker and the President*. He was caught without resistance despite being armed with a pistol, some other weapons and $750,000.00 in cash. The news of the former Iraqi leaders capture had both the French and German Ambassadors hurried onto national news networks to praise the capture and to protest that last weeks fury had always been an attitude of 'let bygone's be bygone's'. Now, thanks to the very man the President* has been trying to destroy, James Baker can go to Europe and maintain the arrogant American posture and likely get what the President* wants. This political capitulation to a moral principal when we should be the ones with hand held out in humility reeks of irony. The hunted has saved the hunter, for now.

How many more times will this President* be able to step in a bucket of crap and come out 'with the appearance of' smelling like a rose?

The Beltway Boys
Mort & Fred rehashed the Gore endorsement. Fred feaux fretted the Democrats possible nomination of Dean. He also attempted to justify Bush's* Iraq contracts blunder with more tripe about them not supporting us in the beginning. As they went to tape no-one knew Saddam was about to be arrested, making Barns's tripe a little more edible. He didn't much care for Supreme Court Justice S.D. O'Conners writings regarding the Supreme courts decision to support equal speech instead of cash speech in upholding the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance Law. Poor Mort. He just can't get it going. BLAH BLAH BLAH, go hang out at Alan Colmes' house until you both grow some balls.

Meet the Press
Today's offering featured Senators from both parties digesting the big news.
Using the capture of Hussein as an election issue, Lieberman tried to put himself on a pedestal occupied by only he and Dean with his new stinger "If Howard Dean had been President, Saddam Hussein would still be in power instead of in prison". In the roundtable segment, not much exciting happened. Tom Brokaw expropriated a large segment of Tim's show. It must be in Brokaw's contract. It can't be gravitas. Russert's got much more.

Face the Nation
Rather kicked Schieffer to the street and took over his set. Bastard! I love Bob! I hate Dan.

This Week
George was bumped by Saddam. No-one noticed.


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
LONG LIVE President Hastert!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

11/30/03 The Greens take a pounding from a pundant with parchment.

Well what can I say. I was on vacation and missed most of the weekend news fare. However, on Face the Nation I heard an accredited historian refer to the Green Patriot Act; the Green War in Iraq; the Green recession; as he alluded to Al Gore’s defeat in 2000. If he’s a historian I wonder how the truly biased feel. The backlash from 2000 is out there. It will return with a vengeance in November ’04 and nothing will stop it. Not even a couple of hundred million dollars of Bush* campaign coffers.

©2003 John McJunkin a.k.a. JBlunt
*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
LONG LIVE President Hastert.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Sunday Morning Quarterback 11/23/03

Face the Nation: Wesley Clark continues to look more and more like a Democrat in current rhetoric only. Journalists continuously come up with a plethora of documented comments from the General’s past and present comments that contradict his espoused current positions. He still seems to think the media will afford him the same discretion he enjoyed in the military. His explanations are strained at best.

Our host! Three cheers for our host, Bob Schieffer and his reaming of Jacko!!
Calling him “a creep” and “He just makes me sick at my stomach” he promised that FTN would not be covering Jacko until the verdict is in. Here here.

Meet the Press: Tom Daschle, Iraq. He’s still disconcerted by the war he voted for.
He indicated his strong defense of marriage as a sacred right between man & woman. He also stated that it’s Bush’s* confrontational attitude that’s made atmosphere worse in Washington.

It’s got to be the sex that keeps Matalin & Carville, Matalin & Carville. “That’s fine” Matalin said about the sex, after heated partisan exchanges over the President’s plan/no plan in Iraq. Talking over each other, obfuscating each other, busting the other one for it… I think I’m getting hot just listening. These two couldn’t be any more politically different if they tried. Yep. It’s got to be the sex. The fact that Carville made People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list last week can’t hurt.

Weekend Live: Every anchor on every news outlet both foreign and domestic reported on the controversial Medicare reform bill before the Senate today. That is everyone but Fox News. Tony Snow reported on the “historic” Medicare reform bill. It is controversial by definition as it has caused heated debate in Congress, high level resignations at the AARP, and is taking up great amounts of air time on the news shows. He says “historic” because that’s what the copy Nazis at Fox told him to. “Historic” it is not. “Fabrication & Bullshit. We distort, You comply.” as they say. Tony then interviewed Knewt Gengrich to get the real scoop on the bill. Knewt Gengrich, Bill Bennett, Ann Coulter,…………….how do these discredited demagogues still get air time? Oh yeah, Fox. Knewt G. glossed over bad points like no negotiation on pricing; no benefit to anyone until 2006; bureaucratic obstacles that will effectively ban 50% of the elderly from ever receiving a benefit, and concluded his analysis by basically saying if it sucks for you don’t participate (benefit), “Its voluntary”.

McGlaughlin Group: Pat Buchanan spoke the truth when he agreed with Margaret Carlson who said the war was widening and said that George Bush had ”thrown a firebrand into the powder keg that is the Middle East” causing increased American dead and increased recruitment and support for the terrorists.
John McLaughlin characterized the Bush* Britain trip as “walking a gauntlet” trough the dream that current US policy making the world more secure. The panel concluded (with insignificant dissent) that the benefit to Bush* in the US was zippo and was minor in Britain.
Pat B. nailed it again when he said ALL candidates in the next election will have to answer the gay marriage question before the next election. Since elections are based on shear numbers, and since the straight/gay ratio in the U.S. is 98/2 with only about 35 out of the 98 supporting unions and only about 10 supporting marriage, either the issue or the politicians are doomed. It ain’t gonna be the politicians, you can bet your ass.

This Week: Ted Kennedy presented a concise criticism of the Medicare reform bill and John McCain agreed as to the bills flaws, but for different reasons. Except for a basic disagreement over whether Medicare needs fixing or not the two agreed that this bill is not the right one. McCain said he would join Kennedy’s filibuster. If the Republicans could just nominate a McCain/Buchanan ticket, they’d be golden.

The Red Herrings flew later in the program as conservative panelists brought back Texas vs. Lawrence as a justification for gay marriage and liberals criticized republicans for being duplicitous because they support a federal defense of marriage that supercedes States Rights.

Beltway Boys: Sorry, I missed the Beltway Boys this week. Just fantasize about what I might say about a show, “Fair & Balanced” by its co-hosts Right & Ultra Right.


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
LONG LIVE President Hastert.
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Monday, November 10, 2003

11/09/03 Kerry bounces, McCain shines, Edwards confused, Steph. sucks

Face the Nation……Senator John Kerry says he can stop Howard Dean. He admitted that his campaign is mostly funded by large contributions from special interests as opposed to individuals. He said Howard Dean is a fresh face in the area of foreign policy as if that was a negative. He bounced around like a Superball in a rubber room when asked about his intent or not to take federal matching funds as part of his campaign war chest. He says He will not seek the Confederate Flag/KKK vote but he would accept them as long as they vote for him based on an issue other than race.

Meet the Press... Senator John McCain showed again why He should be President. He expressed the frank realities of the Iraq situation. He indicated that deception got us into Iraq. That the current President* is not capable of or unwilling to perceive the realities on the ground, that the current politically pressured protestations of military officials that we don’t need more troops are wrong, that things are not going well on the ground, and that the reality is pretty much the opposite of everything the current administration is saying. A lot like it was during the Vietnam War.

Meet the Press……John Edwards like many other Democrats is still trying to say that his initial vote for the Iraq war was “the right thing to do” instead of pinning the perceived need for intervention on the lies of the Bush* administration and did an even less apt job of explaining his recent vote against it. The truth is that the administration* had more than enough legal reasons to invade Iraq but had to lie to get the majority of Americans to play along. He then said it was possible to get the UN to take over the war at this late date. In case he doesn’t know, someone on his staff should point out to him that the nations that hold the most clout in the UN all opposed the invasion. If he really believes that they will take over a fiasco they opposed from the beginning after we started it AND that they are capable of fixing it if they do, this naiveté alone disqualifies him as viable presidential candidate.

This Week……… I will be more inclined to comment on this show in the future when ABC realizes that George Stephanopoulos is the king of softball and will never be qualified to anchor my boat let alone a network news show. By the way, if you believe George is dong anything real when he taps that computer touch screen please continue watching his show. You are as unqualified to watch intellectual programming as he is to host it. I miss you David.

Fox News Sunday.... Senator Carl Levin shut Tony Snow up repeatedly when he attempted to apply the company policy to interrupt the expression of any valid point a sentient politician tries to make that controverts the administration* line. GO Carl!
As repugnant as most of FOX NEWS programming is it pays to keep an eye on the DARK SIDE.


*G.W. Bush is not a legitimate President of the United States of America.
Long live President Hastert

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